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Originally Posted by IFX View Post
I wanted to know if there was a special formula to determine the amount of power to the wheels on a stock car?

Such as my FX has 280 at the crank, but around 220 to the wheels. Give or take about 10 horsepower..

Would this be fair for me to say that the M3 has around 310-315 to the wheels?
Check your math. FX: 220/280 = .78. About right for an auto-box.

Can figure on better efficiency for the manual box in the M, say 83%.

333HP (crank) x 0.83 = 276 WHP. Factory states 262. YMMV

In any case, nowhere near 310 WHP. Best folks are getting for non-FI M3's is at or near 300 WHP. Claims beyond that are rare and questionable

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