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Re: OK..... I am defenetely confused.... Can someone tell me whats up?

Originally posted by DropTopBM
Ok.... BMW says the car gets services at 15,000 miles.... I have just under 6,000 right now.... And it says I will need oil service in 5,000 miles when i turn the car on.... thats about 11,000 miles, rather then 15,000..... is this normal? what does it mean?

A) Definitely is spelled wrong in your topic!

B) I'd change your oil now, and at 5k intervals regardless of what the indicator tells you.

C) Your indicator tells me you drive the car pretty hard, and rev the engine up a lot. Which lowers the life expectancy of your oil/filter, and therefore your indicator is telling you you need to change them sooner. In other words... it tells me you've been enjoying ripping around in your Bimmer!


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