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Originally Posted by BimmerScreamer View Post
how is it that these are so cheap and supersprint's are so so much more. their has to be a reason. I wouldnt trust these for a second. We didnt cheap out when we bought our cars so i know Im not going to cheap out on the parts. just my .02
Mark-up is the biggest reason for the difference in price. Many people are completely oblivious to the goings-on behind the scenes in relation to price inflation to the end user. Eventually, someone comes along and instead of taking a 1000% profit margin, settles for a 300% profit margin for the exact same (in function and quality.... and some times root origin) product. It takes some time for the market to react to and accept such a shock. Your "we didn't cheap out when we bought our cars so i know Im not going to cheap out on the parts." statement is a large part of what perpetuates the gross pocket-lining of many of the distributors out there. We've started seeing the profit margin deflation with some certain to-be-unnamed lighting vendors.

All of these pieces have their manufacturer (contract or otherwise) origins in Asia, and are very cheap to produce in bulk, coming from only a handful of actual large manufacturers running many varying production lines, with products then sorted and branded through dozens of distribution channels.
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