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Originally Posted by hoveringuy View Post
I think you've described the most difficult aspect of an S54 swap: the integration of stock contorl modules. They all talk to each other and the S54 ECU is worthless without them.

The beauty of the S50 euro ECU is that it's not as picky. It wants a VR crank signal but the S54 has a Hall sender. I've solved that ( It also needs a road speed signal.

Other than that, the basic motor architecture is the same. Dual Vanos, same cam signal wheels, similar displacement, etc.

The swap is in progress and I'm excited to see how it turns out.

Meanwhile, my M54 OBD1 runs great. When I get my standalone VANOS controller dialed-in I expect it to make at least 260hp with 270 possible. Plus, it's ALUMINUM!

It's already making 200 at the wheels on the Dynojet with very basic intake VANOS only and no ECU tuning.

Found one of your M54 ->E30 swap thread. Nice work! Lot's of fun bringing these beasts to life, eh? I take it you are the brains behind Seattle Circuits? Looked at the site the other night & like the work you do there too.

You're right about the full OBDII S54 project. It's tricky, but I wanted a vehicle I could drive every day, would be as close to a "factory" car as I could get it, and would pass emissions.

What will your car look like through the OBDI port? By that I mean when you go to get state inspection or emissions certification, I assume the car will come up as an E36 S50. I suppose that's fine. I don't expect most inspection outfits would wonder about that in an OBDII era chassis. Unless they cross-check the chassis S/N.

And I suppose finding a "friendly" inspection station is a possibility if need be.

In any case, props for your undertaking. I always enjoy seeing guys willing do take an innovative path.

I'd like to know more about the SA Vanos setup. How does it extract more poewr than the OE setup? Can you see it being adapted to the S54 and what sort of gains can be expected there? As you know, I'm already at 107 BHP/lit.

Good luck with the project & keep us posted on progress.

Best regards, Todd
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