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Originally Posted by Stealthwagen View Post

What will your car look like through the OBDI port? By that I mean when you go to get state inspection or emissions certification, I assume the car will come up as an E36 S50. I suppose that's fine. I don't expect most inspection outfits would wonder about that in an OBDII era chassis. Unless they cross-check the chassis S/N.

And I suppose finding a "friendly" inspection station is a possibility if need be.

In any case, props for your undertaking. I always enjoy seeing guys willing do take an innovative path.

I'd like to know more about the SA Vanos setup. How does it extract more poewr than the OE setup? Can you see it being adapted to the S54 and what sort of gains can be expected there? As you know, I'm already at 107 BHP/lit.

Good luck with the project & keep us posted on progress.

Best regards, Todd
I'm still active duty military so I haven't worried about emissions yet. Even when I get out I'm in a non-emissions area of Washington State.

That said, with my cat I'm sure the car could pass the sniffer. It's not like I run a radical cam or anything.

One thing I've learned in converting the M54 to OBD1 is that 90% of the effort BMW has made in improving the engine has gone towards economy and emissions. Power is only an added benefit if it doesn't impact the previous.

Case in point: Exhaust VANOS. While it does benefit torque at certain points by reducing pumping losses it was also meant as a way to have internal exhaust gas recirculation. I have heard of substantial gains in M54 power by retuning the VANOS from economy to power. More overlap at higher rpms isn't good for emissions but it sure boosts the power.

I haven't worried too much about developing the actual map yet. I still need to get the basic functionality nailed-down and bullet proof before I start burning time on the dyno.

The S54 has a different VANOS setup than M54. The cam has more sensor elements (7, I think) compared to my 2. The oil pressure is higher and there are two solenoids per cam. My cam takes about 1 1/2 seconds to traverse to full advance at 3000 rpm. I'm sure I could adapt it, however.

I'm as curious to know how it will turn out as you!
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