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Originally Posted by iftwb View Post
Okay...I just got my Projector46s that I purchased from umnitza!
The projectors that I purchased DO NOT include HID kits or CCFL/LED angel eyes, just your stock halogen bulb-lit Angel Eyes.

Very happy with the prompt shipping, price and dispatch of the P46s, not to mention the customer service umnitza provides; all excellent.

Thank you!. responses below.

But now there are a few problems.


Problem #1:

In my original halogen headlights, I already had Predator Orion V2s installed. Now that I've taken them out of my halogen headlights, how do I install them into my P46s?
I've been told there are two main ways to do this...
i) involves breaking/snapping the clips off and gluing the Orion V2s on in place of the halogen angel eyes [which need to be removed, leaving a gap for the Orion V2s].

Do not break. only dremel or file the clips off.

ii) involves taking out the stock halogen Angel Eye casing, cracking open the casing of the Orion V2s and then placing the LED circuit board into the halogen Angel Eye casing.

That is correct.

Now the problem is, I don't know which one to do. I really want to do ii) for a cleaner look, but I'm afraid of ruining my Orion V2s.

There is only one way to fit them to be totally clean.

Problem #2:
I don't know what the hell this cable is meant for? What am I meant to do with it? I've already chopped off the black/yellow cable for halogen setups, which I don't need, but what is this? Is this to power the halogen Angel Eyes?

Ignore it. Either chop it off or leave it alone. We remove them out of the kits and chuck them.
hope that helps.
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