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Expansion Tank swap

Great post on the expansion tank. I was really hoping I could do this without getting underneath the car or removing the fan and this confirms it. Question for you; how much fluid do you lose when you pop off the tank? Also is it worth replacing any of the hoses or anything else while I'm at the tank?

Originally Posted by dooodxitzxmeeh View Post
Great post on the DIY expansion tank for the e46.. my only concern was when i unclip the top 2 hoses, and the side one, i pulled with all my might as describe and no go.. i ended up sticking my arm down there to see what else..

*** there is a bottom clip... left side of the tank by the fan.. if u look down with a light you can see it sticking half out.. reach down and pull to the left.. or use a long flat head to do it.. *** there is a total of 4 clips to remove the expansion tank excluding the sensor clip. 2 on top..1 on the side.. and 1 on the bottom.. you do not have to remove the sensor clip if u remove the 4 clips.. then u tug up and out the sucker goes.. once thats done u can get to the sensor a lot easier.. never had to jack the car up once..

oh and as you can see i removed the filter to get acess to the tank.. hope adding this to the thread helps
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