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Audis have 2, BMW has 1 rear fog on the drivers side by design, as you well know now. =]

Originally Posted by bimmerboy330 View Post
Does any one know where I can get the part number for the switch to activate a rear fog. Or is this something I need a more then just a swich for?
If you want the OEM switch, and the discrete cluster illumination, you need to get a euro faceplate. Faceplate only. If you have a Sedan, and are in the US, you are SOL (BMWNA sucks) on activating the rear fog if you have adaptive brake lights.

Jason at Tischer (getbmwparts.com) set me up with my new LCM, I did the OEM LED retrofit so I bought the whole assembly. You can, just buy the faceplate though.

You also need a sedan bulb carrier, it has two light sockets. Left for side for LHD, right side like original poster for RHD, or you can dremmel out your coupe one. Carrier was <$15 bucks so I didnt bother to f with the dremmel.

Oh, and depending on the year, you may have to run a wire from your deck lid to pin 49 on your LCM (for coupes).

LCM assembly 61-31-9-133-021 (part is superseded and you only need the faceplate)
Bulb carrier 63 21 7 165 743

I have xenons
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