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thx guys!

the grills wont fit on the doors like that. ya i had the HK system.

i opened up the door cavity on the drivers side only. Not sealed though, it was too much work. I have no vibration or rattles on the doors. The chassis on the woofer is very solid. i put some dynamat and felt tape on the wires.

sound is excellent and everything is running off the stock head unit. the bass is more deep vs punchy. cant really tell cuz my sub blends in. mids are very clear. the weak point would be the tweeter IMO. smoother than the previous generation and im comparing it to high end home speakers.. maybe they need more break in time per the manual

the crossover is quite flexible. i have the tweeters in -6db since theyre basically shooting at my face.

running on an audison LRX 4.1 and a JL 13tw5 slim sub in the trunk

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