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Originally Posted by badfast View Post
I will be stationed at Spangdahlem Air Base(US Military), living in the city of Bitburg more than likely.

I am curious. What are the prices of parts for BMWs in Germany, both OEM and aftermarket? And the performance driving scences(auto-x, HPDE, karting, etc. etc.)?
Car stuff is pricey here. It starts anywhere between 25% to over 100% more of what you guys pay in the States. When the Dollar was good (over $1.45/EUR) I used to buy stuff in the US and get them shipped here. Even though I had to pay extra shipping, tax (19%) and customs (3.5%), it still was cheaper than here

Karting is very popular over here, you will find a lot of local kart tracks around the place. I haven't heard anything regarding Auto-X over here, since you'd have to rent a free place and have special insurance policies etc. I don't know what HPDE is, but Bitburg is around an hour away from the Nordschleife, which is pretty much your best bet if you want to track your car
I think prices are around 20EUR per lap.

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