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Anyone with experience in install TV wall mount can help me out?

Couple weeks ago the gf and I attempted to install her wall mount for her Panny plasma. We bought one of those $10 stud finders from Home Depot and went to work locating the studs.

The general area where the TV will go on the wall is approx 3-4 ft from a corner to the right if facing the wall. So obv there will be a stud at the corner, which we confirmed with the finder. The next stud we found was 20" to the left of the corner, adding in the width of the 2x4s we figure her building for some reason has studs 24" apart. Moving to the next stud (which would be the left mounting point of the wall mount), we found another 20" away...but when we went to confirm the stud didn't exist 12" below? It was as if the wall had half a stud, is this possible?

While we tried to figure this out we called the building engineer who told us the studs were standard 16" apart (!!???). When we showed him the findings of the stud finder, he pretty much ended the convo with they are 16" apart trust me.

Ideas? Tips? Go back and buy a better a stud finder?
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