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Originally Posted by 2001BMW325Ci View Post
Just wonder how you would feel if you spent nearly $1000 and some of the pieces you got looked like this? Mind you, they work fine. I was just a little perturbed by the condition and when I notified the vendor, what I got was attitude from them.

You see in the pic the P46, driver's side. The left/right adjustment knob is broken. I looked for the broken off piece inside the bubble wrap but couldn't find it. Did it break in transit?

The four xenon ballasts I got, all of them had dents and dings in them. I was afraid that they wouldn't work but they all did. Kind of strange when you expect new products and you receive them in this condition. The seller said that's how they get them from their supplier. No apologies, just that's how it is.

Disappointed about this and the responses from the seller but after getting them in and seeing the fullness of the xenons and the look of the angels eyes, I'm over it.
If I spent 1 grand on this, received it in that condition, then received an attitude when questioning the condition, I would pe F"ING pissed, For 1 grand, the company should be treating you with kid gloves. Maybe they haven't noticed but the economy is in the shitter, so for that kind of purchase, you should be treated properly. Just my thoughts.
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