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With a sedan you can cut the metal in the door and give the magnet a little more room vs. the coupes with the window track directly behind the speaker location. This allows you to run a slightly deeper driver, just need to clear the glass when the window is down. I was able to get almost 3" deep driver in my doors and keep my door skin intact. I did however have to modifiy (dremel) the backside of the door skins to fit the 7" diameter drivers which forced me to cut the 3 tabs that hold the door skin to the door. I wasnt happy to have to do this, but it was the only way to fit such a large driver and keep it behind the stock grill. It was very tight, but I was able to make it fit. Check out my thread here -

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MassBMW, Just curious of your comment, I have a sedan also and stumbled with the same problems when trying to fit a JL 6.5" woofer in the stock location. What I did has raised the plugs for the door panel to clear the woofer magnet. But needless to say I dont like it that much, at first seemed like a nice idea, but now I'm thinking of installing smaller 5.25" speakers for the woofers.
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