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Originally Posted by VillanovaGrad View Post
doesnt the combination of light and small gun + big powerful ammo like .45ACP = bad recoil?
that gun is the size of a p22 ..
.45ACP doesn't have a lot of recoil. It's a very slow recoil, making it more manageable than a .40 and even some 9mm loads. Weird but true.

Originally Posted by NightWolfe View Post
Lots of good info here for your 10/22

And for a good .45acp carry gun I love my Kimber Stainless Ultra Carry

Nice, compact, shoots great
Be careful buying a Kimber. They're fantastic guns that are dead-accurate and very pleasurable to shoot. Unfortunately, they have such tight tolerances that they can jam easily if you use less than premium ammo. My Kimber Tactical Custom II has to have certain types of ammunition or it won't feed properly. For target ammo, if I use Black Hills blue box, Winchester white box, or Magtech, I'm fine and the gun works wonderfully since they do crimp to military tolerances. Remington UMC works about 90%. CCI Blazer Brass doesn't work and jams every few rounds. They don't crimp the round enough. I bought almost a case of Blazer Brass, and I had to leave the range, take it home and put it on my press and re-crimp every round. As for duty/carry ammo, I've primarily shot Speer Gold Dot 230gr out of it, and it loves that ammo. I tried some Winchester ammo and was happy with the results too.

Now, that being said, you have some .45ACP options. It can get pretty expensive, though.

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