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and the results:

My findings are as follows:
at startup the voltage climbs from ~ .100 V to ~ .425V . It stays at ~.425V untill operating temp is reached.
Once its up to operating temp the voltage climbs to .825V slowly over about 1 minute. It hovered around that for about 10 minutes.
Then i decided to high idle it for about 5 minutes @ 2400rpm to make sure everything was heated up.
Still it hung at around.8V
Then i propped up the multimeter in the door to see what it did under different conditions.
I goosed the throttle and the voltage dropped to under .1V and climbed back up to .750V
I tried raising the throttle at different rates and letting it return to idle at different rates. On the acceleration side it always drops and on the decel it returns to .4-.8 after 10 seconds or less.

So, you definetly have your voltage out of range at .1-.3

Also, as far as I know (my euro car experience is limited) american and *** cars that are obd2 all have the same voltage range so a standard obd2 mil eliminator should work at least somewhat.

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