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Originally Posted by 3erdriver View Post
for a pocket gun Kel-Tec's not a gun you're gonna shoot for fun, but in a tight spot is perfect. I used to be a delivery driver when I was in college, I had to tuck in my shirt so IWB carry was out. I got the kel tec and it was perfect. I hated shooting it, I mean HATED shooting it. It was painful to shoot and would tear up my hands after more than 50 rounds at a time. But even though it hurt me to shoot it, I pained through and got accurate with it, and it was perfect for anything I would ever have to deal with as a delivery driver. Keep in mind that carry guns aren't always guns you like, but instead are practical for the situation and are a gun you can shot accurately.

Outside of that I always carried my G19...great gun that I could make disappear. That was until I got my 1911. I bought a Springfield Mil-Spec, and stripped it and replaced everything. It's incredibly accurate now and looks sweet. I live in NY now so no more carry or guns right now, but I carried that 1911 and it was easier to conceal than my G19. I looked at the small 1911's but I don't like the Kimbers, and the Springfield EMP was just too expensive for me. But when you really look at it, the only real difference between the tiny single stack 1911's and their full size cousins is just the barrel length and with a proper belt/holster rig you can make a full size 1911 disappear, which gives you 45ACP power, and a full sight radius, without the high costs.

Other than that, like was said above g36's are notorious for feeding issues, the only glock to have issues...if you want a glock that small, 26 or 30. I've owned both at one time or another and loved them both, but found I didn't need them.

Also while I'm personally a Glock guy, that's only because they fit my hand. If you don't like the feel of a glock, the Springfield XD is a great gun. Not my cup of tea (i like glocks) but they are the only polymer gun I would put on par with the Glock.
My KelTec has had a few dead rounds, may be old ammo, but it bothers me enough to quit carrying it. Maybe a I will try some new ammo. It does tear your hand up, but I guess if someone is charging you with a knife, it is worth it.

Glock 19 is perfect. Period.

Glock 26 has become my new KelTec. With the stock 10 rounder it is not very big and not very heavy. Cant throw it in my shorts like the KelTec, but fine for jeans pocket.

As far as polymer, My HK45 has no problem being on par with my glocks.
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