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Originally Posted by glockman9c View Post
My KelTec has had a few dead rounds, may be old ammo, but it bothers me enough to quit carrying it. Maybe a I will try some new ammo. It does tear your hand up, but I guess if someone is charging you with a knife, it is worth it.

Glock 19 is perfect. Period.

Glock 26 has become my new KelTec. With the stock 10 rounder it is not very big and not very heavy. Cant throw it in my shorts like the KelTec, but fine for jeans pocket.

As far as polymer, My HK45 has no problem being on par with my glocks.
KelTec are fickle the first 2-300 rounds, then they work like clockwork, if you had issues it was the ammo.

As HK's go, I like them. I had a USPc, but I don't put them on par with Glock's/XD's, not because of quality or accuracy, but for reliability. I did a test with my G19: how many rounds can I put through it without cleaning it before I get a problem. I quit the test after 2000 rounds, because it was still firing and I was scared it would take hours of cleaning to get the internals looking nice again. If you try and do that with an HK it will fail after 6 or 700. I look at HK like a Ferrari, great performance if you keep it tuned right, whereas a Glock is like a Toyota/Honda...nothing flashy, but it does exactly what you want it to time after time and runs forever.

Originally Posted by tim g View Post
I'm no gun expert, but if you're going to pocket carry, wouldn't a glock be a terrible idea since you could easily reach into your pocket and catch a finger on the trigger, shooting yourself?

I would think something with a real safety would be more reliable.
You never just throw a gun in your pocket. You will end up like Plaxico. A safety can just as easily be click off in a pocket as a gun without an external safety can go off. When you pocket carry you use a holster designed to go in your pocket. They generally have a lip that's designed to get caught on your pocket so that when you draw the holster stays in your pocket and allows the gun to draw free.

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