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Originally Posted by n3985 View Post
So if I was to hire a pro to do it (remove liability from myself lol)...where should I go and how much should I expect to pay? Best Buy Geek Squad (only for reference unles they are pretty good?) charges ~$200?
Best Buy Installation Sucks (from what I have seen)

A good company will charge you between $50-$100 per labor hour. We charge $100 trip charge plus $100 per labor hour for installation or $75 per labor hour if we are selling you the system. I have no idea what you job needs. An average job of hanging a TV on a normal wall and running the wire (CL2/CL3) through the wall would be between 3 and 6 labor hours depending on the situation and gear involved. So $300-$600 plus wire. NOT including power. Average electrician would charge between $100-$300 to add an outlet depending on where it was being tapped from.

So $400-$900 for a normal install with normal equipment plus wire costs.

My Liability insurance alone is $3000 per year. There is a reason.

Below is my house. I could have slapped this TV up in 2 hours, it took 2 days. Why? Because its a $7K 63" Plasma next to $4K speakers. It is the main wall of my living room. I have studs, I have two center channels, the TV weighs 200lbs. It took for ever just to measure it all out right so the speakers could fit between the studs and still have proper equal spacing, etc.

I have two HDMIs, two componets, four RG6s, etc. All had to be run properly 50 ft. Power is run through the house so it shares the same ground as my equipment rack, etc, etc, etc.

Expierence counts and it costs.

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