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It seems like an LSD would have to help off the line. Of course you are still going to slip a wheel, but wheel slip won't be as detrimental as it would be with a Open Diff. Wheel slip with an LSD will cause the other wheel to get the rest of the torque. It seems like this would be especially true with an LSD like my Torsen (Quaife) that is auto-torque-biasing (ATB) all the time.

Yes, a ZHP does have a 6800RPM redline, but the rev limiter doesn't kick in until just after 7000 RPM. A ZHP or any E46 that has a flashed ECU can hit 7000 RPM in 2nd and bounce off the rev limiter at which point it would be doing 60.25 MPH with a 3.46 final drive. Check out the calculation I did over on

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