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Originally Posted by saketherobot View Post
I think it varies state to state. In WA you have to feel your life is threatened to draw without possibly facing assault charges. With that said, i have a friend who pulled on a guy with a bat and was in the clear.

Oh and reedo has said shoot to kill never to wound. If you're shooting someone it is because they are going to kill you (or it is reasonable to believe they are)...
In MN it's to prevent death or "great bodily harm". If you assume or have reason to assume that they will do so, you have justification in being in fear for your safety or the safety of another from death or great bodily harm. Like I said-know the law and element of a crime, and you're golden. It's all about what you can articulate. And yes, you never shoot to injure. I'm trained to STOP/kill. That's center mass and head. We call them "failure drills". Shoot them center mass. If they're wearing body armor, you pop 'em in the head.

In the Army, head shots with pistol were common practice. Body shots were for rifle only.
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