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Originally Posted by glockman9c View Post
Spouting off? I say my opinion like everyone else, but because you don't agree with it, I am spouting off?

I carry a gun without a round in the chamber. That makes me SAFER not careless, not dangerous, not unlawful.

Chances are, I am older than you and have carried a gun longer than you. I have also probably had more dangerous jobs than you. Therefore, I have probably been exposed to more situations that would warrent the actions that I have taken.

If you have something in writing that backs what you say please post it here. Otherwise, lets just drop it.

I am done with the arguement. I have never been convicted of a crime of any kind, and I am pretty damn familar with Florida's gun laws, so lets just give it a break.
You do what you're comfortable with. There's no fault in that. Don't do what you're not comfortable with. Preference is number 1. It's about YOU, not what others think. Most people do things because they're TOLD to do so (usually by a gun salesman with no experience). I would rather people be like you and do what they're comfortable with. Just my $0.02.
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