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Originally Posted by BLAU III View Post
this thread got really interesting. i haven't considered the chambered/unchambered argument at all. thanks for opening up my eyes a bit. I guess I have even more research to do.

I have never carried before. for you guys that have, have you had to brandish your weapon? been spotted/hassled for carrying/etc?
To be fair Blau, some of the discussion here is a little past basic CCW. Its getting a little personal as to the methods used. Here's my personal recommendation any of us can agree on:

-Pick a gun that you would be willing to carry on your person, as well as practice often with. I cannot emphasize the second point enough
-Take a defensive handgun course. NOT a concealed carry course, those are mostly classroom where everything is discussed on paper. A defensive handgun course actually allows you to practice with live ammo (on dummies/paper targets) because everything feels different at those close ranges. The course should double as a CC course as well
-Learn the laws
-practice the 4 rules of firearm safety

Regardless of what gun you pick, good luck!

*ps, I will also warn you away from the Kimber. Kimber + external extractor + *<4.25" 1911 = 3 strikes and you're out.
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