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Originally Posted by GoingNuts View Post
Bangle's design lacked umph. The E9x is completely unbuyable for me no matter how much power they have. They lacked presence of what a BMW should be. They are just odd, and odd doesn't make it better in my book.

I would be very curious to know how much he was responsible for the new Z4. That car has more than umph, it's very manly, and everything a BMW should be. I don't believe he's capable of doing that car because there's virtually no uncorrectable oddness in that car. Contrast that with the E9X is like comparing day to night. I looked over and over at the E9x, imagining what panel they could replace to make the car better. Eventually I had to give it up for dead because that design is uncorrectable, and too many things wrong with it.

Bangle's style is more suited to the Japanese manufacturers who prefer oddness. I hope Toyota will give him a job.
Actually the new guy they just promoted made the z4,
so in that case, hope he makes everycar with the passion he made the z4 with
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