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Were you using a labscope to check to voltage or just a regular voltmeter, cause you wont be able to see the sweep on a graph. And I didn't say that the voltage I got was reving my car in the driveway, this was datalogged and I noticed that randomly the DME would run the mixture just a little lean at a steady cruise when it starts to run it OBDII self tests, after talking to some tuners I learned this was normal to test the cats.
This is why the O2 sensors foolers, foulers, simulators, etc. DON"T WORK!!! The DME knows how to check the actual oxygen saturated of the cat. Now honestly that last part I don't know for sure but one fellow was insistent I understand this.

Guys I work on these cars all day long and I have tried all sorts of the gizmos and gadgets, I fix problems that customers gizmos and gadgets crause, I fix problems my damn gizmos and gadgets cause. After trying it all the only thing that I have found to truly keep the check engine light out when not running cats is the Innovate LC-1 wired into the rear O2 signals. When you get that let me know and I'll share the voltage curve that I finally got to work and actually got the monitors to pass.
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