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Originally Posted by F1004fun View Post
Shop around an little but about $250, I get most of my stuff at tuner they have pretty goods deals. You need a laptop to run the program and change to output curve.
Whats an echeck? In Cali. we need like 5 outta 7 monitors past and pass on emissions. After doing all this I still ended up making a set cats on a removable section of exhaust for smog and cause my inner tree hugger kinda felt bad about mashing around with no cats.
Ohio has echeck, they plug thier scan tool in to your obd2 port and then tell you if you pass. I'm not sure exactly what they do, but if you have a check engine light then you fail. I put mil eliminators on my 99 mustang gt that had a 5.4L and an off road h-pipe and i still passed. My check engine light still came on every month or two so i cleared all my codes, drove for about 3 weeks and then went and got my echeck.
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