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There was nothing interesting while pulling out the dash. So no pictures were taken since I was busy pulling, pushing, shoving, kicking, binging, banging ... bonging. Once I had the dash out through the door, the only thing that came to mind was how light it was.

Dash was out. This was what I found on the driver side.

The middle ...

... and the passenger side.

There did not appear to be much to rattle in the dash. I got suspicious and thought BMW must be hiding the rattles from me under that gray-brown sound proofing. So I took off my VIN strip from the front to see what was under there. I managed to break one of its pins. The correct way to take it out was to ensure the pins came out perfectly vertical all the way until they were completely out.

With the sound proofing peeled back, all that there was, was the car's body metal. If there was rattle on the other side, it would be in the engine compartment. But the noise I had was definitely inside.

I looked around for possible places and found this box behind the fuses. The box was mounted on top of a plastic cover for a junction box underneath. The cover would bang against the bolts and nuts in the junction box if there was enough up and down shaking.

The right side of the flimsy cover would need some padding and/or fixing with fastener, may be duct tape.

The second place was behind the air box for distributing air to the passenger foot well and to the rear passenger area. It was just plastic of the air box next to bare metal of the pipes (top arrow). If there was enough side to side movement, the plastic and the metal just banged. Padding would be needed between these.
Third place was the ducting going to the rear (bottom arrow). If the ducting was moved side to side, I had the plastic click click kind of sound. If I padded the hole around the ducting, that would reduce movement and possibly remove the clicks.

None of these places accounted for the noise I was looking for. Although these might have contributed to the noise I heard. So I carried on looking. Then a very nasty thought occurred to me because I remember reading about it. So I tested what I thought. Yep, it made this plasticky shifting/moving kind of noise. When I bounced it, it was making a ridiculous amount of racket. It was the dried out fuse chart inside the fuse box. B*TCH !!!
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