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Well some parts showed up and I have finally been able to set up the XO. Some of the XO points are a little off due to the resistor value, so I may just order some chips from AC after more time tuning. Anyway here are the numbers I came up with for the XO.

Highs - L1v2: 7.2-20kHz
Mids - L3: 218-7.2kHz
Lows - L6: 72-218Hz
Sub - 12w0: 28-90Hz

I think I am going to change the Sub and Lows to not overlap since they are going to cancel out. Anyone have thoughts on this?

My Brahma has seen better days so for now I am running a JL 12w0 off the Cadence A7-HC amp turned wayyyy down until I can scoop up an IDMAX. Anyway, for the few tracks I have listened too so far, this setup sounds amazing. I am very very happy with the clarity of these drivers. I can't wait to get a hold of a meter to fully dial this system in. I may even consider some EQT's for fine tuning...

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