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Originally Posted by burnowt View Post
i have a 01 330i with xenons.
i like the look of Orion v2 with led but ive also heard that they have problems... apparently EVERY set of Halos has problems if you search the threads here enough lol

ccfl seem to have even more problems than LED's???????????
Originally Posted by burnowt View Post
shorting out, cutting out in heat or cold... etc.
You are confusing the mycarr kit - which is nothing like the Orion V2 kit with our kit.

Orion kits don't have issues of any kind, not in the cold, not any problems with wiring or anything at all.

We've had 1 return due to failed led on a 4300K that we are investigating, but we've had 0 issues with 6000K in over 3000 units sold.
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