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Originally Posted by r4g3d View Post
Hi guys, im looking to buy some angel eyes for my 325Ci facelift (halogens) and was curious which ones you would recommend. My sisters boyfriend has some ones of ebay (CCFL, with chrome backing) and they look great but ive seen on this site loads of online shops which do thier own and was wondering if some cheap ones of ebay would have the same effect as those.

Im looking at these:

What do you think i should do? What are the advantages of ne other ones? is CCFL brighter/better than 60LED? Color, 6000k 7000k? Ne advice or tips would be great! thx!!

*edit* just realised i should have searched but i cant delete this now
The Orion V2 are the only LED kit on the market for the facelifted cars:
Originally Posted by uhhhmeeer View Post
Not all the images are posted so here you go:

comparison of CCFL based Chromium and Orion.

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