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Originally Posted by F1004fun View Post
That's strange, I think we both have the same engine managment MS43, but either way the bypass resistor will work, Radio Shack 50 ohm 10 watt cerammic block resistor.
This is really driving me crazy now...had 10 ohm resistors cuz that's what my O2 heaters measured, was running great for a while then I started getting heater circuit codes. I went to the Radio Shack 50 ohm 10 watts and same thing. What the guys ever hear of the TSB for certain O2 codes? I had an '01 330xi and couldn't get an O2 code off, found the TSB which required DME reprogramming, brought it in for them to reflash and it was fixed. I dunno if it included the heater circuit codes or not though...I want to drive my car into a tree ....
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