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I got bit by the gun bug!

It started last December when I sold all my textbooks and decided to buy my first pistol. I ended up getting a S&W 22A. I chose it because I can shoot it all day for less than $10. Then, I went to the range last weekend to shoot and started looking at new guns. I knew I didn't have the money really to buy a new gun, but I ended up getting a Sig P6 9mm. Now, I am looking again for either a Glock 17 or 22 (leaning toward the 22).

Why are guns so addicting? On top of that, I have a 20g single shot, 12g over-under, a 12g rem 870, a marlin .22lr, and a Yugo SKS. I can't wait until I can actually afford better guns, but until then, I'll buy what I can.

I'll try to take some pictures later maybe.
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