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Some photos:

Some Comments:
Originally Posted by iftwb View Post
Happened to mine. I DID have MyCarr 62LED angel eyes and over time, the heat emitted from my Bimmian Xenesis bulbs gradually melt the Angel Eye's backing. With time, that causes heat to penetrate to the circuit board, damaging the LEDs. The LEDS eventually short circuit and create more heat, damaging themselves and in the process, your AEs are then obviously damaged.

I've changed to Predator Orion V2 and I must honestly and truthly say that these are a much better product. I didn't believe it at first, but overal the build and design is much better. Resistors are located separately on a little black board to reduce heat accumulation on the actual AE ring themselves. This has a benefit of ensuring that the only heat accumulation the rings get are from the headlights. Also the backing is made from a tougher clear plastic than your average MyCarr AEs. The MyCarr AEs are made from a plastic that looks rather 'impure' and the backing looks like weak, both of which are more prone to melting.
Originally Posted by iftwb View Post
I had problems because I either i) put the AEs too close to my bulbs or ii) the backing on the MyCarr brand is sh*thouse. I just bought a set of Orion V2 and I can tell you now, the backing on the Predator Orions are much more reliable. Nevertheless, I've had experience with CCFL ones and they're aren't bad. Never had any problems.
Originally Posted by milfalleyM3 View Post
:nono Sorry Pswirley, you've got it wrong this time. There's no photoshopping going on with these photos. I know what I saw when the two were compared side-by-side. I was there (that's me in the car!). The Umnitza Orion V2s (left) were undoubtedly brighter and better than the others (right). No question whatsoever. If you'll notice, the shadow on the ground to the left of the car indicates that the sun was shining from the right, which would illuminate the right half of the hood more than the left.

To everyone else: I'd watch out for users who post comments off the cuff, perhaps deceptive or slanderous, without knowing what they're talking about.

In my long quest to find the best angel eyes, I will search no further after installing the Umnitza Orion V2s. They are awesome. I've compared the V2s with competitive products both in, and out, of the car, and I can vouch for the superior quality of the V2s.

Don't get me wrong, Pswirley, I'm not 100% loyal to Umnitza - I've shopped DDM for other things, like my Apexcone Slim HID 35W 6000K kit for my fogs (pictured). They were a great deal, look great, and work great, except for how both ballasts don't fire all the time upon startup and only 1 light turns on, forcing me to toggle my fog light switch until both ballasts fire. Other than that, they're great. I guess you get what you pay for.

When it comes to angel eyes, look no further than Umnitza's Orion V2s.

he doesn't say much, but it says enough.

The photos will show as soon as the site service refreshes.
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