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My Amplifier Got Cosmetic Surgery !!!

My friends say I am a little compulsive. OK, very compulsive. I call it passion with attention to detail.

I have a rack full of stuff that is two different colors. I have changed the order and positions about 100 times to try and make it look and fit the best.

I pulled the 3 cables boxes, 3 hard drives, vudu box, and dvd recorder and put them in my office closet because they are silver and/or not needed to be accessed.

This left me with half black and half silver components. No big deal execept the two heaviest components are different colors.

You cant buy an APC display panel seperately to make it black (surge supressor/back up system sitting on amp) and it weighs 80+lbs so I cant put it on a shelf. It cost over $1000 so I am not going to buy another one to switch colors. The amp weighs over 100 lbs itself so it also needs to be on the bottom.

The solution to my cosmetic dilemia?

Replace the amplifier's monster face place with silver.

Now I have to just move my PS3 again and lower my shelves and it will be SWEEEET.

Check out the transformation.....

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