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Originally Posted by Dcha View Post
Yea, my B&W's aren't even hooked up to my tv. What sub would you suggest for an 8" or 10"?
We sell a lot of Earthquake subs, they are pretty great overall. You really should not need much sub for a stereo music set up though.

$1750 Retail for the 10"

600 Watts RMS built-in Class "D" amplifier (same amplifier for 10", 12" and 15" models)
Patented passive radiator technology
Available Sizes: 10", 12" and 15"
Available Finishes: Piano Black, Cherry Wood Veneer, Black Ash
Wood Veneer and the original Poly Grip Tough Shell Finish (check for availability on Tough Shell finished items).

Patented SLAPS (Symmetrically Loaded Audio Passive System)
Volume control
Remote control detection
Low level RCA inputs and outputs
High level inputs and outputs
ON/OFF switch w/ auto ON option
Phase flip switch
24dB variable crossover

Originally Posted by Dcha View Post
Ok, I'm seriously confused on the best way to power these things. Can someone school me on pre-amps, integrated? I'd be ready to buy, if I knew what the hell I'm looking for. I'm not getting what I want out of this onkyo receiver.
What does your Onkyo not do?

I would consider buying a good sub before upgrading.

I would also consider buying a great STEREO reciever for $500-$1000.

I am assuming money matters.

A good preamp/power amp combo starts around $3000.

My 5 channel amp retails for $4500 and is considered one of the best VALUES on the market.

It adds up fast and you WILL get deminshing returns.
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