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Originally Posted by Adam@Euro-Spec View Post
Looks great.

OT question: how often do you switch out equipment just because. I figure since your a big installer companies are always trying to push their latest and greatest and you probably get some good promotional deals. Obviously your living room seems pretty done but what about speakers and receivers and stuff in other rooms.
I upgrade something every year. I get some killer deals, but not much for free. 75% off retail is the best normal promo for me.

I do not have any other receivers in any other rooms. I have a 42" Panny Plasma in the guest room on the wall, a 37" Panny Plasma in the Master on the wall and some LCDs here and there (garage, kitchen, office, etc)

I run a NuVo Grand Concerto Whole House Audio System. It runs 16 speakers through my home. Each room has its own keypad which allows you to choose any source for that room. My sources include: AM, FM, XM, Sirius, Pod 1, iPod 2, Cable Box 1, and my Escient Media Server (1200 DVDs and CDs)

The keypads are two way so you see the artist, albumn, title, etc on the iPods and Tuners.

This system allows you to centralize all your sources and listen to them anywhere so you dont have to have equipment in every room and you dont have to buy multiple copies of DVDs or CDs.

It also works well as a party mode to sync all rooms at predetermined volume level and same source throughout the home.

Doorbell and telephone interface is cool also.

I have the COOLEST thing on order right now!!! It is a handheld two way keypad remote that you can carry around to control the system. It is the same keypad as the wall except it is portable. It has its own screen that tells you the station, mp3 tags, etc. Basically, you can set on the back patio and dial up your music like an ipod for your ipod that is half way across the house. TOO COOL!

PS - I have a TINY company not a big shot by ANY stretch of the imagination. Just a guy trying to make a living doing what he loves.

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