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DIY BMW Homelink for Non-Sunroof E46

I was searching around the forums and found many write ups on how to install the homelink in under 10 easy steps. After looking at them all, they all had something in common. They had the sunroof panel, were a razor blade cut will do. After no luck in finding one for non-sunroof I came up with my own DIY. First DIY write up so please PM or post questions and comments. Enjoy
**disclaimer: I will not hold responsibility for any damage to the vehicle or user**

Cover: 51448250115 ($11 CAD)
Bought it just in case I fail.
For Ref: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/showparts...51&fg=40&hl=32

Flathead screwdriver
Dremel/Rotery Cutter
File/Sanding block (anything to remove and smooth out edges)

Difficulty: 4/10
Time: 1hr - 1.5hr (Dremel and steady hands make for faster time)

Step 1:
If you have this set up, you can continue with the DIY.

Start by using a flat head screwdriver and gentle pry open the cover. the 2 tabs will pop out and you will be able to slide the cover out.

Step 2:

You can see the underside of the cover, the 2 tabs at the top that lock. Note: 2 "L-shaped" sliders at the bottom, those help hold the cover.

Step 3:

Pop the outer trim off by using the flat head screwdriver to lift one of the edges and pull.

The cover removed, exposing the trim and metal backing plate.

Step 4:
Measure out spacing. I found if you score a line with a razor, its makes it easier to cut out. Dimensions are 2.5" by 2.0" Use the part number, BMW symbol and microphone slits to help you with the orientation of the cover. Please note I took the photo after I cut to show the dimension lines.

Step 5:
Secure the cover to the table (or any another stable object)

Notice I have scored the line I want to cut. I found it easier to measure out the piece and making the lines BEFORE CUTTING. That way you were able to see your general cut out shape. Should be 2.5 x 2.0 rectangle.

Step 6:
Here is were you will need the Dremel. Take the cover and cut along the razor lines. I also suggest you leave yourself a little room so you can file/sand down the extra towards the end. It doesn't matter which side you cut first. Safety Eyewear is a good thing to have here, Dremel bits may break, or plastic pieces may kick up. You can see how I cut the 4 sides

Step 7:
After removing the cut out gently, I used a file to smooth out my edges

Step 8:
Test fit Homelink. Here I used a file and sanding block to make minor adjustments until the Homelink fit nicely.

Step 9:
Hard parts done. Now take the outer trim from before and cut off the center tab.

This is required because the Homelink will conflict with the tab once installed causing it to not sit overhead properly.

Step 10:
Reverse your tracks and install your new Homelink.
I started with popping the outer trim back in (with the cut tab edge facing the back of the car), follow the metal backing plate.
I fit the Homelink to the cover first like so

Then install the cover and Homelink simultaneously. You will need to give it a good push to get it back in, but nothing should break.


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