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The flimsy control unit housing behind the fuse box turned out to be a rattle central. Everything mounted in it and on it were loose. So the electrical relays were dismounted and their mounting surfaces thickened up using duct tape. This took out the looseness. The control unit itself was then padded at its back with foam sheet and the whole unit wrapped up with duct tape so that it could sit snugly in its cage. An unfortunate consequence of doing all of this was that I had the control unit disconnected for a couple of hours, which caused all the adaptive data in the DME and possibly other control units to be lost. Subsequently the engine ran very roughly and a check engine light showed up. Based on experiences of others, this problem would likely to persist for 60 miles of driving until the DME relearn the adaptive data. I would not recommend disconnecting this control unit (I had no idea what this unit was, and it wasn't the DME) for more than 20-30 minutes.

This basically concluded my hunt for rattles inside the dash. I still had an occasional cable whipping body panel kind of noise that I estimated to be in the engine compartment around the electronics box, or inside the door. Once that was tracked down and eliminated, my goal of this DIY would be complete.
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