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Originally Posted by SLVR JDM View Post
Since they are a completely modular gun, you can essentially build the rifle exactly the way you want. It is pricey to build it all at once, so a lot of guys build it one (expensive) piece at a time and end up with a very nice rifle which many times could not have been built if you pay for it all at once.
Originally Posted by learthworml View Post
People are affraid of law makers bringing back the assult weapons ban. When you purchase the lower receiver you are basically purchasing the 'gun'. Also, lower receivers are going up in price quick because of this. Buying one now, ensures you have one for a moderate price. You can build your rifle later with no problem. I am currently building an AR. I have a Spikes lower, RRA lower parts kit, and an m4 tactical stock so far. I am probably going to go with a Noveske 14.5 inch Vis upper. They are on backorder right ow though. It's better to build an AR imo, so you can have it exactly how you want it.
Thanks guys. I get what you're saying.

Purchase the lower receiver then no matter what regulations (i.e. exchangeable magazines) you'll be covered. Makes sense since the upper receiver's mostly just the barrel, but then again if some rule pops up about attachments to the rail or something you'd be screwed then too.

Not to threadjack too much, but when you purchase the upper receiver does it come with the bolt carrier group or is that a separate item you buy as well?

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