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Hey Russ See this link..This is the lower aka Gun as it is stamped serial number and requires an FFL. This is all you get when you purchase a lower. Then you buy the kit.

Originally Posted by CRZY BMW View Post
I waiting for my stimulus check from Obama so I can buy my AR upper and finish it off...

Is that a Ranger 12 gauge at the top?
FYI for non gun guys.

There are laws in some states which require a specific gun be used or not used when hunting game.

You cannot use an Ar-15 in some states to hunt deer/elk because A. They feel it isn't powerful enough to bring the deer or elk down B. Ammo capacity. I read this a while don't ask me to post the link I lost it

So 22 for squirels.
Shotgun for birds and rabbits.
Big game rifle
Home defense
Conceal carry

So each size game requires a specific gun or else overkill or no kill.
Why can't the gun law be state by state? Does he have any idea how many guns are down here? People still have their ancestors revolutionary and civil war weapons...luckily they are black powder and ATF exempt...but grandads M1 and Mauser fall under military ordinance since they have a bayonet lug
I also saw one of our forum members say it was ridiculous for us to use guns to kill animals...that is the way it has always least with the Europeans who figured out that with black powder gun>bow and arrow.
Guys I am legitimately concerned. I refuse to be fingerprinted or receive any tattoo or little electrode under the skin. I am not a crazy anti-government person. I love my country...and anyone who fights for it...but some of these proposals I have read scare me. I mean the stimulus package has me pretty tense. I see a lot of issues with may work to a degree...but man...I just don't get some of it.
I give Obama 2 years to get things organized or else the Republicans will just fight with the Democrats and nothing will get done. That is my most extreme negative prediction as a result of discussion with others. I hope it works out...

I wish you guys the best of luck during these tough times.

PS:Who reloads there own ammo?


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