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I havent had much time to tune the system, but have been listening to a lot of different stuff on my way to work everyday. The low end mids are so tight, loud, and low, it drowns out the 12w0 sub, very impressive. The driver/amp setup is nearly a perfect match.

I have some slight rattling at certain freq's, but knew I would since I have yet to dynamat the doors. It has been too cold here so that will have to wait until the spring/summer months. I really didn't want to cut all 3 posts fearing the door panel always being loose, but so far I cant notice any difference. Luckily BMW uses quality fasteners and, like always is well designed and engineered. The door panels were overbuilt to begin with and still work well.

Anyone have ideas on my question from my previous post? Thoughts on changing the Sub and Low freqs to not overlap???

Also if anyone local to me in the RI/SEMASS area who would like to hear these Hybrids first hand let me know.

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