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Yea, he is the shiznit on the computer for finding things.
Anyway. You are very welcome.

It is something that I want to try, but unfortunately have not had a chance to do so. It makes sense to my way of thinking, but thats worth "maybe" $.02
Its something I have read used a couple times to good effect, and something that has actually been recommended to me by the good gentlemen at BSW. I have the Stage 1 kit with my own sub. I cannot test in its current config, cause I have no idea where the factory amps XO's the midbass and the sub is using the amp XO which has been difficult to setup - to say the least. And the sub gets real boomy with any adjustment off of its lowest setting (50 to 250Hz). I'm also dealing with the age old problem of bass cancellation due to such good sound barrier that BMW's trunk provides. Does it sound like my system needs some improvement (a full proper installation, YES)

I'm not sure the AC unit has that ability as it uses the XO points as the low for one speaker and the high for the other - which if this is the case with EVERY header in the AC, then we cant get it done.

Having said all that, Its still my opinion that a properly setup sub to midbass relationship will not need this overlap, as best case scenario does not "reveal" the location of the subwoofer. That I have just experienced this week on the complete install I did for my IT friend mentioned above.

Edit: removed same thought

Would love to hear what Scott had to say.

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