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I'm not sure the AC unit has that ability as it uses the XO points as the low for one speaker and the high for the other - which if this is the case with EVERY header in the AC, then we cant get it done.
I checked the 4xs, and it does have teh ability to "overlap" as P1 is the bottom end of the midrange, and S is the sub XO point. So it stands to reason that it would not be hard to cut off the sub at 90 HZ and play the mid bass down to 70 Hz or so. Whatever sounded best.

I assume the 6xs is similar, but may even have better control of the sub, as the 4xs only has a front and rear input, while the 6xs has fr, rr AND sub inputs.

BTW, the 4xs can operate as a 4 way XO - handling a 3 way component system along with a sub to boot (no pun intended). Pretty versatile piece.
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