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Originally Posted by Nick@Jlevi SW View Post
Hi there,

Congrats on the new car! You can install OEM xenon headlights into the car but you will need to get the car reflashed for xenons to prevent the bulb out warning. If this is a pre-facelift 01-03 coupe, you can go with our Projector46 Headlights which are complete headlight replacements that swap out the entire assembly for projector based xenons with built in angel eyes. This is ideal if you are looking to upgrade both the look and performance of your factory lights.

For angel eyes, provided your car is a pre-facelift 01-03 vehicle, I recommend one of the following kits. The LEDs will be brighter, an easier install and more reliable than the CCFLs but the CCFLs are more affordable.

MyCarr 62+ LED Angel Eye Kit

MyCarr CCFL Kit

For the LED tails, I highly recommend going with a set of Eagle Eyes LED tails. These are a direct PnP replacement for your car with built in resistors to prevent a bulb out warning.

Crystal LED Tails for the E46 Coupe
Thanks guys but as i drive on the left here, are the headlights adjustable?
Yes mine is a pre-facelift, do you know roughly how much the shipping would cost on the headlights and tails?
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