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3k-4K is a lot to be paying for a tv below 50,52 inches.
I realize that there are many good tv's the Pioneer Kuros and the Sony XBR8 Led.
I can recognize the difference in the quality but the difference is not worth 3k, 5k to me.
And tv's are changing so much a few years I can see them all being LED and being a half inch thick.
I looked at a 46 inch Sony XBR6 for about 3 months but the cheapest I found it was 2099. It retailed for 2999.
The 42 inch Panny I bought cost me 998.
Was the Sony better...perhaps....was it 1011-2000 dollars better. No, not to me.

Don't worry about the inacurrate colors on the Panny tv. No tv is perfect but you can always calibrate them.
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