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Thumbs Up Convertible LED Taillight Install

Ordered LED tailights from DDM Tuning for $270 + shipping. Here's the box. It could have been packed better. They are Eagle Eyes LEDs. No instructions were included.

New lights.

Rear view of driver's side LED taillight.

View of interior trunk light. Note two screw holes (see red arrows) and resistor pack (yellow arrow). Remove the two screws and set aside. Instead of a tab, like the old interior light, the new interior light will be attached with these two screws. Disconnect the white connector and twist and remove the bulb connector from the rear of the interior light assembly.

Remove the trunk bed cover, left and right black plastic trays, and pull back the gray insulation.

Push plastic tab and remove the existing driver's side interior light. Disconnect the black wiring harness (see green arrow).

Using a 10mm socket, remove 3 nuts that secure the taillight housing. The 3rd nut is way behind the gray insulation (see yellow arrow).

After removing the 3 nuts, gently slide the taillight housing to the rear to remove it.

After placing the wiring connections through the large opening, carefully align the three bolts on the LED taillight with the three holes in the car and gently push the LED taillight into place. Tighten 3 nuts to secure the new LED tailight.

Connect the white connector and insert and twist the bulb connector (salmon colored arrow) back into the interior light. Connect the black connector from the LED tailight (green arrow) to the black wiring harness in the car.

Carefully place the black connectors behind the insulation under the interior light and place the other wiring behind the interior light. Then, while holding the interior light in place, carefully insert the two small screws into the two holes (shown in red previously) and tighten (trying to align these two screws is the biggest PITA of the install).

After securing the two screws, you are done on this side. Here's what it looks like.

There were gaps where the new LED taillight gasket did not completely cover the opening (see red arrows). I used clear silicone sealant to fill in these areas. Carefully peel back the gasket and place the sealeant between the gasket and the car.

Right side removal and installation is almost exactly the same.

There were also some gaps after the right LED taillight install (see red arrows). I applied silicone sealant here, too.

Replace all the insulation, black plastic trays and trunk bed cover.

After installing the LED tailights, carefully remove the two plastic connectors securing the insulation at the edge of the trunk lid. Then pull insulation back and reach in to push the black tab to release the bulb carrier. Carefully remove the bulb and set aside (if you don't remove the bulb, there is a good chance the insulation will pop back in place suddenly causing the bulb to break). Using a 10mm socket, remove the nut (see orange arrow) that secures the while plastic piece (see white arrow) to the reverse light lens. After removing the nut, remove the white plastic piece.

Carefully nudge the reverse lens out of the trunk. There is a lip along the outboard edge that helps secure the lens to the trunk lid.

Insert the new reverse lens, slide the new white plastic piece in place and attach the new nut. Replace the bulb in the bulb carrier and reattach the bulb carrier. Repeat for the other side. Then push the insulation back in place and attach the two plastic connectors.

New LED tailights and reverse lenses in place.

Brake lights are functional, turn signals are functional and lights are functional with NO error codes of any kind.

Total time was 1 hour and 15 minutes.

2006 325ci vert
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