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Thank you to everyone in this thread. After a weekend of research and installation, I have the Parrot CK3100 working in my car. Some things to note:

1. I made the Mute, Phone-On, and Tel Audio (+/-) connections in the trunk and used a cat5 cable to run up to the glovebox.
2. I mounted the LCD to the left of the radio using a PCI slot cover bent around the curves in the trim and screwed to the existing bolt behind the wood trim.
3. The blue "brain" of the system is behind the glove box.
4. 12v switched and constant come from the harness under the armrest/console.
5. I tied phone-on to 12v all the time.
6. When the phone is active, my music mutes and the stereo says "PHONE". The Dice Interface does NOT pause. If I turn the radio off, the phone function still works. So if I want to pause my ipod, I just hit the OFF button on the radio when a call comes in.
7. The stock mic does not work with the Parrot system. I used the parrot mic and put it in the stock location.
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