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after tonight, im gonna start distancing myself from e46f. and the internet in general. im only on it because after you have a GF for so long, you get distanced from your friends. so when im not with my gf i come home and come on here. im gonna o ahead and get back in touch a little more. and its rediculous when i cant do hw until the last minute because im surfin the forums

oh and anyone else really considering buying that engine from today?

if anyone didnt hear:

4.0L V8 5 series engine WITH auto tranny. taken out of a car in the new fast and furious movie. $400 AND he will provide delivery as long as u had an engine hoist to take it off the truck. said its all in eprfect working order, they just need to get it out of the way

i can flip that for so much more, somethin just seems fishy
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