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Originally Posted by JDMITR22 View Post
yo IM i saw this dude in a gray 350z vert with i think vertex kit and some super aggressive-ass wheels rollin down 29 today..u ever seen it?
That sounds dope as hell. Never seen it. The only randomly aggressive cars I've seen on R29 was an AMAZING FD from Utah I think? It was amazing. SUPER aggressive Work Emotions with some sideways short cut polished bozzo pipes out the back with stalkers under the sideskirts, some dope metal lip with the high rise attachment spoiler- JDM taillights & sleepy eye headlights with fender mirrors. I couldn't ****** believe it. Sounded like a CGT with straight pipes.

THEN on a regular basis I see a bright blue RX8 with a full Mazdaspeed kit slammed on some gold CE28ns that poke. So sick.
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