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Originally Posted by ajv85483 View Post
Hye chris./.. can you help me out maybe show some pictures of what you're talking about.. I need to ground both of my taillights...
No need to go with any homemade solutions guys. This is from another thread, but it's about to get serious for BMW:

For many of you on the board with a long history of tail light problems, be sure to SAVE YOUR INVOICES. It looks like you can get your money back once the recall starts. Better is the fact that BMW might actually stop having us fix our own cars with parts from Radio Shack . . . . Geesh, have they no shame?

It's time to stop with the "homemade" fixes. This is a serious safety defect and BMW knows it.

Just a quick update on this problem. Among my circle of friends we have five post-update E46 sedans. Four of them have had tail light, turn signal, brake light failures all caused by BMW's screw up when they updated the tail lights: not enough grounding wire(s). See the BMW service bulletin SI B 63 03 06 on this at the link below:


Since the ne'er-do-wells at "Screw The Customer" BMW NA Customer Service (an oxymoron) have never heard of Ralph Nader, we're going to give 'em a little help. The nice folks over in Washington D.C. have these things called Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, and EVERYONE selling cars here has to meet them for ten years after a car or truck is built. That means if our lights have design defects (they do), BMW is under potentially criminal liability to fix the things with a safety recall at NO cost.

BMW's service bulletins basically say, "Only fix the cars under warranty; screw everyone else for whatever you can get away with so you can buy a bigger boat." WRONG ANSWER BMW!

The ball is in motion on this; more later. For now, BE SURE TO SAVE ALL YOUR RECEIPTS IF YOU HAD YOUR STEALER RAPE YOU FOR $400 (per side) TO FIX BMW'S LIGHTING SCREW UP.

I expect to see something in a few weeks so hang in there
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