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Originally Posted by mkodama View Post
Scary thought that your car is still street legal.

Also are you going for a drive in your car at 5:30am?

Just curious, have you come across any info on pinning or locking the vanos because of it's high chance of failure in racing?

Also, have you posted a dyno graph or gotten any power and torque numbers yet? I've heard of numbers like 280hp on an M54B30 just with upping the compression ratio, race gas of course, and well programmed fuel and ignition maps. With the work you've put in, the power would have to be easily over 300hp, right?
Whether the car is street legal or not, I'm not too keen on taking it out on wet roads covered in salt. I won't be street driving this car until well into the spring.

I do have info on locking the vanos, but it's not advisable. You give up a TON of torque in the midrange, at the expense of replacing a Vanos system that doesn't really fail that often. The ONLY case that I've heard where they usefully locked the VANOS was on a very high rev'ing engine with huge valve lift and very stiff springs. The VANOS had a very hard time rotating the camshaft, so the engineers locked it because it was more often than not out of the position they wanted it to be in.

Yes I have dyno graphs and video ect. The purpose of the dyno session was to shake down all the rebuilt systems on the car and to get the rings sealed. My objectives were met, so I'm very satisfied with the dyno session. Power wise, I'm not where I want to be, but there are some issues that need to be sorted out. My first pull on the dyno the engine made only 191 rwtq, and not at the correct RPM so we knew something was off from the start. I will say that I made more HP than my old setup at the end of the session, but something is still "off".

Originally Posted by CWABimmer View Post
Love your threads! In for more!!

Originally Posted by Bartacus View Post
Eeek!! Hope nothing serious was "damaged or broken". Good luck my fellow Maritimer! Hope it all works out without much cost to you.

Damage isn't that bad from the first incident, the second incident happened with the car stationary...very lucky on that one. As I said before, the car drives right now.
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